Lee Brice

When Curb Records recording artist, Lee Brice, isn’t selling out arenas, writing and recording songs, or building new brands like American Born whiskey, you’ll find the family man with his wife Sara, two young boys, and daughter. Meanwhile, with over 3 billion on-demand streams, and over 3.6 billion spins on Pandora, Brice continues to enjoy massive success at country radio, digital streaming services, and on the road.

In 2020 Lee co-founded “Pump House Records” with longtime friend Rob Hatch, Elisha Hoffman & Derek Hutchins. Among his many contributions to the Pump House, Lee serves as Executive Producer.  More…

Rob Hatch, from Cross City, Florida, moved to Nashville in 2001. He achieved his first #1 song, “If Heaven Wasn’t So far Away” recorded by Justin Moore in 2008. In 2014, Hatch would be named as the SESAC Songwriter of the year fueled by his 2 number 1 songs, “Goodnight Kiss” by Randy Houser and “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice which was awarded the 2014 ACM’s Single Of The Year and has since went double platinum.

In 2020 Hatch co-founded “Pump House Records” with longtime friend Lee Brice, Elisha Hoffman & Derek Hutchins. Among his many contributions to the Pump House, Rob serves as President.  More…

Rob Hatch
Elisha Hoffman
Elisha has written songs for artists ranging from rock band, New Medicine to Faith Hill and most recently the new country-pop female sensation Runaway June with their debut smash LIPSTICK (co-written with his wife Two-Time Grammy award winning Rebecca Lynn Howard). Expanding into the world of film, Elisha also co-wrote the pivotal song “Give In To Me”, for the major motion picture Country Strong. His songs have also been heard on TV shows such as The Shield and Dark Angel.

In 2020 Elisha co-founded “Pump House Records” with Lee Brice, Rob Hatch & Derek Hutchins. Among his many contributions to the Pump House, Elisha serves as Producer and Advisor.  More…


OUR Management TEAM

Derek Hutchins

A founding member of Pump House Records, Derek is known in certain circles as  ‘The Bourbon Connection’. Derek spends most of his time on his sprawling 10,000 acre ranch with horses. He does breakaway to join us for important calls and events when we beg and for that we are grateful.

First Favorite Musical Group: We think it was The Carpenters – don’t judge Karen was cute and was a good drummer.

When not jet setting to exotic ports of call for ‘board meetings’ or cheering on her Michigan Wolverines from the sidelines Kelli doubles as the resistant adult in Pump House internal meetings. Her past experience as President of SESAC and other industry organizations are incredibly valuable to the entire Pump House Records team and we are grateful for her guidance.

Superhero Skill at Pump House: Keeping meetings to their scheduled and allotted times which is no small feat with this group when the ideas start flowing.

First Favorite Musical Groups: Journey & Chicago

Kelli Turner
Mike Every

When not spending time with his wife Stacey or dog Magnum he is usually listening to music, thinking about music, reading about music, talking about music, traveling to music, or just banging his head against the wall.

Superhero Skill at Pump House: Ability to schedule Zoom meetings for the Pump House team members that are moving targets jumping in and out of conference calls, recording studios, tour buses and tree stands at will. We won’t even discuss reminding them what time zone they are in.

Favorite Perk of Being Part of Pump House Team: In-person meetings at the corporate office, we have an executive chef that can cook with the best of them. Rumor has it he can Dance too but we’re not sure.

First Favorite Song: Johnny Cash – A Boy Named Sue

Cook is the newest member to the team… with an extensive background in both film and music industries, including writing, recording, and producing as well as business development he is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Pump House Records. His passion for discovering and nurturing talent aligns seamlessly with the label’s commitment to supporting and promoting emerging artists.

First Favorite Music Group: Led Zeppelin

Cook Allender
Kris Rochester

Kris is one half of the long running Tony & Kris radio/podcast team. When not spending time with his wife Rachel and daughter Lilly, he can found found shopping for vintage tees or keeping in touch with the countless industry artists and insiders that he calls friends.

Superhero Skill at Pump House: Social media management, digital marketing management, assisting with release strategy and countess A&R activities all while making sure the entire team has a smile at all times.

Favorite Perk of Being Part of Pump House Team: Not getting up at 3am for his morning radio show.

First Favorite Artist/Group: Alabama & Van Halen

Current Favorite Artist:  The beautiful and talented singer/songwriter Rachel Thibodeau who is he lucky to call his wife.

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