Nick Norman

Nick Norman


1. Gypsies, Thieves, Jokers and Me
2. Porch Man
3. Love Don’t Fool Me Again
4. Just for the Record
5. All In
6. The Cock Crows
7. Adeline
8. Going Through the Motions
9. Good Whiskey
10. Life Is Good
11. Rolling in the Grave

Nick Norman

A show-stopping vocalist and sharp songwriter, Nick Norman brings humor, heart, southern storytelling, and soulful swagger to the country genre. It’s a sound that began taking shape in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, where Nick grew up listening to a soundtrack of home-state heroes — including Edwin McCain and Hootie & the Blowfish — and icons like Stevie Wonder and The Band. He soaked it all up, mixing the rootsy sounds of the FM dial with the awe-inspiring power of the gospel singers he’d hear every Sunday morning at the local church.

“We all love making music…creating…working in the music business, but the bottom line is Nick is someone we all believe in, so the idea of all working together to let the world hear Nick just seemed like something we all just really wanted to dive into.” - Lee Brice

A lifelong friend and collaborator of country star Lee Brice, Nick began recording songs as a teenager, working inside a makeshift studio that he constructed with Lee in the pump house of a local church camp. He later moved south to Key West, where he established himself as one of the area’s strongest draws. Even so, it was his newest album that brought him back to Nashville, where Nick recorded a batch of raw, rootsy songs — including several tracks co-written with his childhood friend, Lee — in Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Studio. Produced by Lee Brice, Rob Hatch, and Elisha Hoffman, Nick Norman isn’t just Nick’s strongest effort to date; it’s also the first release on Pump House Records.

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